Journalism as a Career

reporting of events is no more considered adequate. More specialization and professionalism in journalistic practices is required. An aspiring journalist, therefore must specialize in diverse areas, such as politics, finance, economics, sports, celebrity culture, environment, technology weather, and the like. This requires journalists, especially at the senior level to be well read in their area of specializations with a solid understanding of the world as whole.

For making a career in journalism it is important one should have special attributes suited to journalism. These include nose for news, curiosity, inquisitiveness, enough will power, and skills for presenting information in a precise, concise, lucid and effective manner. Should have command on language, ability to arrange thoughts coherently and express them clearly in writing as well as orally. A journalist has to be at times diplomatic but always confident and structured while dealing with public especially celebrities.

For successful career in journalism, additionally, one must have the courage to take the risk and make the best of the opportunities that come his way. Journalism is no arm chair or white colour job, it is for those who wish to work hard to make a difference.

(The author is Director EMMRC and HoD MERC at University of Kashmir.)


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