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Abdul Hamid Bhat

[stextbox id=”info”]In 1995, a 28 year old auto mechanic from a poor farmer family sells his father’s agricultural land for Rs 25,000 to realise his dream of having his own scooter repair workshop. He ends up owning a company having Rs 10 crore annual turnover and 200 employees.[/stextbox]

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Abdul Hamid Bhat, owner of Rahim Motors set up a small workshop that became a Maruti service centre in 1997 and gradually got upgraded to Maruti Service Zone. In 2005, Rahim Motors started providing service for Mahindra and Mahindra Power generators also and became Original Equipment Manufacturers for the company in 2007.

Hamid says, “All I wanted was to be was a scooter mechanic, I couldn’t think beyond that but see Allah’s will.” Hamid after gaining success as an entrepreneur has been working towards environment conservation. “I want to see my Kashmir greener like it used to be. Through small efforts of plantation drives and public awareness, I try to pay back the debts I owe to nature,” Hamid says.

For his efforts to save environment, Hamid has invited international attention. He has been invited to participate in International Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2010 at Queensland Australia. Hamid’s, Rahim motors also provides training to young boys. “After the training they are recruited in the service center, tomorrow they can start their own ventures.”

Hamid’s success has fetched him many awards. “You don’t need degrees but a mind to develop your business, I can be an example for those degree holders who either waste their time in applying for ReT (underpaid contractual teacher) posts or in sit-in protests to catch government attention.”


  1. Everything that glitters is not gold and same is the case with Mr Bhat. There is no doubt that he made a huge leap in terms of status elevation but that is not all because of his hard work. Every story has its dark side too and the gentleman is well aware of what i am talking. He has many attributes of dishonesty attached to his personality. One among them is his insurance fraud which was later handed over to CBI. If he is that much of an honest person why doesnt he reveal such things himself. No doubt he has made millions and earned a respectable name in the corporate world but all that he has earned is at the cost of other’s money and careers.


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