During the early part of twentieth century, Kashmir valley had only two Districts, Zila Anantnag and Zila Baramulla, and Srinagar formed part of Zila Anantnag. It became a separate District in 1951 A D.
Srinagar District is centrally located and can rightly be termed as the heart of Kashmir valley. It is surrounded by district Budgam on south west, district Pulwama on south east, newly created district Ganderbal on north and newly created district Bandipore on west.
It would not be an exaggerated statement that the history and evolution of Srinagar is the history and evolution of Kashmir. Srinagar excels in all that is beautiful ? God made or man made. The intricate but attractive designs woven on the carpets and Jamawars, the marvelous wood carving feats exhibited on the huge wooden sheets and columns of Khanqah-e-Moalla and Nagashband Sahib’s shrine, the copper work engraved on the traditional copper utensils and manufacture of a host of other handicraft items can be specialty of only the artisans of this place. The existence of highly revered Muslim, Hindu and Sikh shrines, the famous Mughal Gardens, the Dal, Nageen and Anchar lakes, the archaeological site at Burzahama and the old wooden latticed window houses are peculiar to Srinagar only. It is really un-imaginable to think of Kashmir without Srinagar.
With the intention of making the Administration more effective and responsive, Badgam District was carved out of Srinagar District in the year 1979, and only three tehsils remained with it.
The period after 1979 saw a significant progress in the economic prosperity of the District with Srinagar city expanding on all sides particularly penetrating into Budgam district.
While carving out the newly created District Ganderbal out of the existing District Srinagar and demarcating the boundaries between the two districts, the main consideration with the Demarcation Committee has been the present level as also future trend of urbanization, and obviously, the ability of providing civic amenities by the State Government, to that particular area. Undoubtedly, Srinagar being the summer capital of the State Government, Srinagar District Administration is better equipped in all respects than other districts, for providing required amenities as also in attending to other day to day problems of the residents. The Committee has also tried to make, to the possible extent, the limits of the new District Srinagar co-terminus with the limits of Srinagar Municipal Corporation.


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