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[stextbox id=”info”]From an agriculture graduate to top notch financial wizard, Jumsheed Hussain has had a total U-turn in his career. He is probably the only financial risk manager of the state. Presently in Kuwait he is working for global giant Ernst and Young as manager financial services.[/stextbox]

“After completing graduation, I was working on a research project when in 2000, I was selected as a Probationary Officer in JK Bank,” said Jumsheed. At that time Jumsheed was researching on a gene mapping project at Hissar and was the first Kashmiri agriculture graduate to bag the project. “It was a complete change of track for me,” says Jumsheed. At J&K Bank, Jumsheed realised that his real interest and potential was in financial sector and he soon climbed the ladder of success. He was posted at Mumbai too where he headed the Forex portfolio. In 2005 he came back to Kashmir and was working as project coordinator for risk management.

In 2008 New York based Dun and Bradstreet came to know about Jumsheed and after an interview Jumsheed joined the MNC. “The job took me to South Asia, Middle-east and Africa and it was rewarding,” said Jumsheed.

Jumsheed Hussain

After that he joined Ernst and Young, London based professional services firm that has operations in over 140 countries. “I worked there as manager financial services management,” says Jumsheed. In between he completed FRM from Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). He also did Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA). He is also member of prestigious Project Management Research Institute (PMRI). He is also member of prestigious Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

“When I see my life from an agriculture graduate to current position, I think it was the best thing to have happened to my life,” said Jumsheed, who had an interest towards economics right from the beginning, but the situation compelled him to go for agriculture. “If I have to choose my career again, I will go for fianance.”

Jumsheed says that wealth and financial management has the highest potential and ample scope, but unfortunately youth are not coming towards it.


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